Adamstown Heights,  NSW. 

We've been having fun designing a cubby house in the backyard for the boys (kids) The backyard is not completely kid-friendly, with steep rocky landscaping. However, there is a beautiful flat grassed area down the back of the yard. Our plan is that the cubby house will bridge the gap, giving the kids easier access to the grassed area. A fun example of how a built intervention can create placemaking opportunities.

The cubby house is located in a challenging part of the backyard as it traverses a steep landscaped area. So the cubby has been designed with a modular style construction method in mind. This allows parts of the cubby to be constructed elsewhere then lifted and fixed into place.

The cubby house is set-out on a 600mm grid structured with two squares intersecting one another. The bridge allows the kids to enter the cubby and the slide on the other side gets them down to the level grassed area to play.